Thrive Mental Health Services is a nonprofit organization comprised from the missions and goals of D&K Counseling Group, PLLC.


School Based Mental Health Program

The School Based Mental Health Program gives the opportunity to provide affordable and easily accessible mental health services to school aged children. School can be a huge stressor too many, and we want to be able to provide a safe space to discuss those difficulties.

Mental Health Workshops and Seminars

Thrive works towards removing the stigma of mental health by promoting education in a comfortable environment. We want everyone to have the knowledge of mental/behavior health and how it can impact individuals on multiple functioning levels.



Career Development

Thrive wants to be an outlet for future mental/behavior health professionals of color.

We plan to coordinate:

  •  Mental Health Resource and Career Fairs

  • Internship opportunities

  • Establishing ourselves as a well know practicum site

By doing so, we will be able to help the up and coming mental health professionals gain knowledge to be competent and effective therapist.

Did you know that African Americans are 20% more likely to experience mental health challenges? Many do not recognize the signs of the presenting problem. We want to be able to provide knowledge and expand awareness about mental health in various communities! Starting the Strive with Thrive campaign will be the start of circulating valuable information about mental health in Houston. Help Thrive reach our goal and be involved the in first steps towards changing the face of mental health! Click the icon above to help support our cause!